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Leading, Implementing, and Sustaining Innovations in Personalized Learning


As leaders continue innovating to improve the achievement and life-long success of all students, many are working to make schools and classrooms more personalized and responsive for students. To design, implement, and sustain learning environments that ensure a more relevant and personal experience for learners, there are several key factors that school leaders must consider. How can leaders support the collaborative development of effective personalized learning models?

In this webinar, Dr. Tim Hudson, Vice President of Learning at DreamBox Learning, will share ideas to help leaders create and sustain innovations that benefit students, teachers, parents, and school culture.

Topics include:

  • Mission and Vision: What are our schools and programs “in business” to accomplish?
  • Effort with Impact: How can data drive ongoing improvement in student achievement and personalized learning models?
  • Pedagogy and Technology: When does technology appropriately support personalized learning in pedagogically sound ways?

Throughout this live, interactive event, Dr. Tim Hudson will field questions from participants. All K-12 educators and administrators interested in school improvement, personalized learning, and data-informed decision-making are invited to attend.

Date: Tuesday, January 24, 2017
Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Location: Online webinar
Regions: Alaska State Library ~Statewide
Categories: Focus: School Libraries
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