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InFLO-mation: Hip Hop Principles for Library Instruction by Kafi Kumasi

(School Library Connection)

Kafi Kumasi tells all on how Hip Hop influences the way today's teens live and learn!

This webinar will introduce the concept of InFLO-mation, or an approach to learning that is grounded in a shared beat or rhythmic base used to spark students' interest and understanding in a communal learning setting that mimics a rap battle or cypher. InFLO-mation emerges within a freestyle-based exchange of ideas, each round of the cypher elevating students' consciousness and creative contribution to knowledge. Don't miss Kafi as she shares examples of InFLO-mation from existing viral videos that draw from Hip Hop cultural aesthetics.
Tuesday, February 27, 2018
12:00pm - 1:00pm
Online webinar
Alaska State Library ~Statewide
  Focus: School Libraries  

Event Organizer

Janet Madsen

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