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Creating a Classroom of Active Nonfiction Reading Detectives


A whopping two-thirds of U.S. fourth and eighth graders score below the proficient level on national reading assessments. While there have been major breakthroughs in research on the most effective ways to teach nonfiction comprehension, many upper elementary and middle school teachers do not have the training or resources to implement them. These middle years, from grades three through eight, are a critical time for students to develop the strong comprehension skills needed to read and understand new information. Early reading issues become more problematic as students are expected to learn increasingly challenging content material. While some older students still struggle with decoding, many more have difficulty constructing deep meaning from text.

The goal of this interactive edWebinar is to focus on specific and practical methods teachers can use in their classrooms to nurture nonfiction reading skills for students in grades three through eight. Harriet Isecke, author, educator, and CEO and Founder of Readorium, will discuss simple, but powerful, methods attendees can use to help their students build the strong and permanent literacy skills they need to empower them to grapple with new information. Attendees will also learn about some easy and effective ways to differentiate nonfiction instruction so that the needs of all students can be met.

This edWebinar will be of most interest to teachers of grades 3 through 8, middle school librarians, and any educators interested in promoting non-fiction reading. There will be time for a question and answer session after Harriet’s presentation.

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Thursday, May 3, 2018
12:00pm - 1:00pm
Online webinar
  Readers and Reading     Teaching and Professionalism  

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Janet Madsen

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