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Literacy Heroes and Global Libraries

(American Association of School Librarians)

The important work of libraries is not exclusive to the United States. Literacy heroes all around the world are promoting global literacy, and many of them are advancing literacy in impoverished and neglected communities by creating libraries. Their stories offer a powerful learning opportunity for your students.

An online community provides its members the opportunities to explore and share information, as well as communicate with other members in a virtual space. The Literacy Heroes online community website was designed for individuals who wish to learn about the various types and methods of global literacy. An assortment of printed books and website articles often praise the striking architecture and abundance of resources offered by countless global libraries, but habitually fail to emphasize the unique work of improbable libraries and the literacy heroes who manage them. The Literacy Heroes online community website offers featured articles of the hard-working individuals who are spreading literacy to the impoverished communities of the world. From the Indonesian Don Quixote of literacy who brings books to children by horse to the Afghan bicycle library literacy hero educating the poor children of Bamiyan province, Literacy Heroes’ community members share these inspiring stories through the use of the community’s online forum.


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Thursday, October 25, 2018
2:00pm - 3:00pm
Online webinar
  Inquiry and Information Literacy     Program Administration  

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Janet Madsen

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